Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Beginning....

For all my fans (thanks mom!) I have decided to start blogging about all of my craft projects and ideas so that I can point all the curious here for instructions on how I create what I create! This will be an ever evolving project and perhaps intermittant as I will not be a slave to this blog (been there, done that!) This is strictly at my leisure and I intend for this to be fun for myself as well as for all who read! So stay plan is wonderful craft ideas, party plans and gifts galore! Thanks for sharing in the this and that of my life!


  1. Thanks for following me :) :D This sounds like fun :D I think I'm be your first follower! ;)

  2. You won my Modify Dress giveaway. You didn't leave an email. Please get in contact with me!! Thanks!


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