Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Budget and Planning...

In order to prepare for our new wallet friendly budget that will be implemented at the beginning of 2010(insert long drawn out sigh here...) I have taken on the challenge of our weekly family menu and in theory at the start of each month wil prepare a menu for a month's worth of dinners. Then the challenge is to spend LESS than $100 each week to feed our family of four (plus my niece each dinner with us each night.) This amount also will include toiletries and paper goods.

So far, I have tried my theory out and including my couponing and internet thriftiness I am at a surplus of +$25.00!!! Now we have some considerations that may or may not apply to your family. I am currently losing weight...ahumm (trying) and so I do eat a LOT of fresh produce. The hubbie had gastric surgery, so he eats less than a regular fellow with a manly appetite. But my kids are picky just like yours...so don't fret!

So I will be sharing some couponing tips, etc. when I talk about budget and planning!

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