Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Heart Coupons...

Tired of forking ( I like the pun. Shoot me!) over too much money for groceries? Me too! Short of eating less, and I don't think your family or mine is going to go for that, the only answer is to be a smarter shopper. So here is my plan. It might work for you ( might work BETTER for you!) or it might not. Just depends on how much effort you can muster...
Here is my game plan. Use it like you want to. Add or subtract what applies and what won't and then let me know your ideas...
First you really need to get the coupons from the Sunday paper. If you buy it, I'll guarrantee that you will save more each week than it will cost purchase the whole paper outright. Then hit up your friends and family for the coupon section that you know they aren't using. Clip them...the coupons I mean. You gotta do...just put your mind to it. Do it while you watch TV. Organize them in some sort of way so that you can find things easily. Don't just pass up the ones you won't use-clips those too! You can mail in those to a coupon site. I build up credit for sending in my extras to use toward the ones that I will. Here is that site I send in mine too:

Then , you need to register for a frequent shopper card at your grocery store. If you haven' it! You can do it right there at the store. Once you have your hot little card, register at the sites below. These are coupons that link you your card so that when the teenage cashier scans your card, it automatically deducts from your balance. Now be warned, you will need to visit these sites every few weeks to select new coupons, since they do expire. But it is worth the time...don't ya think so? Here is the list:
These are the ones that I use in my area. However, one of my favorite blogs has a more comprehensive list, so try this one
if you aren't in the Dallas, Texas area.
Now there are super cool services that provide you information regarding when is the best time to buy things at certain stores, taking all the hard work out of it for a small fee. Like this one my friend uses
and you WILL save money.
So there you have it...slash that bill, cut those coupons!!!

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