Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Made It...Crepe Paper Rosettes

I love all things vintage...you have NO idea how my heart races to see old bits of velvet and tiny little pearly buttons (swoon...) Many years past, people used crepe paper not for throw away party decor but to pretty up important things. Who wouldn't love something so delicate and beautiful? I have taken my love of vintage and the ever useful crepe paper to create these little crepe paper rosettes that are the perfect accent for so many uses!! I like to think of these are the frosting on your basic cake! Confections for the crafter...
I make these in 2 sizes, a large and a mini. This tutorial is for the large and the mini will come at a later date...

Supplies needed:
Crepe paper streamers in your chosen color(s)
needle and thread (white or a matching color for your paper)
quick dry glue
bits and baubles to decorate with!
Now these little babies are not hard to make, but do require a light hand for the correct rippling effect, plus it can take some time to get everything done correctly. To start you will need 2 strips of streamer about 20" in length. Fold one of the streamers as pictured below. This piece actually creates the top two layers. Place this piece on top of the remaing unfolded strip. Thread and knot your string (do a double knot to make larger knot so it won't pull through your paper.) Pinch your paper strips together and starting at one end start sewing your strips together. Weave the needle through the paper LOOSELY and once your needle is full, pull the paper onto the thread. Once you have reached the end of the strip, pull the paper tighter into the thread and your streamer will begin to make the rosette. The trickiest part is right here: you must tie off the string. Put your needle through the two last "pleats" and make a knot. Cut off your string and using your glue, adhere both ends of the rosette together.

I usually pinch them together for a good seal. Now you decorate to your hearts content!!!

Glitter `em

Button `em

Bling `em

These are sturdier than you think, so they hold up well in lots of projects! Let me know what you think! Of course these are available in My Etsy Store if you love them, but don't have the time to make them yourself!

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  1. Very pretty and love the glitter and button centers.


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