Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Made It...Easy Peasy Layered Flowers...

These are sooooo cute and incredibly easy to make. You can find lots of tutorials around the internet on how to make them, but boiling it down you need...

fabric (several different colors is nice)--use old clothing even!
needle and thread
button (optional)
stick pin (optional)
Start by cutting out small circle from your choice of the fabric. Now this next part is REALLY hard...lay that circle on top of your next fabric and cut a slightly larger circle. Ok...sorry for sassiness!!! Now just keep alternating fabrics and circle sizes. I usually aim for 6-7 circles to make a nice full flower. Now use the stick pin to secure the circles if you want the fabrics to not slide around. Take up your handy needle and thread. Starting from the backside of your flower stitch up through all the layers and back down a couple of times to secure everything together.

To make it ruffle-y (word??) you pull your needle back up to the top of the flower and taking your first layer, gather up some of the material onto the needle and pull the thread tightly. This will create a ruffled effect. Then repeat with the other layers. If it gets too ruffled, you may want to do every other layer (this will depend on what kind of fabric you use.) Now stitch on your button and voila`, a fabric flower!! Easy peasy style... You can use these for a million uses. Add to hats, shirts, scarves, make a cute brooch, dress up a headband, put on pillows or add to gift wrapping!

Let me know if you have any questions...Now, what are you waiting for? Off you go to make easy peasy flowers!~

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  1. These are so cute amd have so many combinations. Very fun!


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